Emergency Care

Occasionally some patients will experience an orthodontic problem or injury to the mouth during treatment. Here are some tips and advice for some issues that may arise during treatment.

Each time we adjust your braces they will move your teeth to the next position. This movement can make teeth sensitive at first. You may experience some discomfort after beginning treatment or after changing wires or adjusting appliances. This is normal and should diminish within 1-3 days. A few suggestions to help with discomfort are to eat a soft diet and take acetaminophen or ibuprofen as directed by the bottle.

Poking Wire
If a wire is poking your gums or cheek, you may be able to fix it yourself. Either try a ball of wax on the wire that is causing the irritation or use a pencil eraser to turn down the wire so that it no longer is irritating. Also try using tweezers to shift the wire. If neither of these options work and you cannot wait to come into the office at your scheduled appointment, carefully use a fingernail clipper to trim the wire.

Broken or Loose Bracket/Band
Occasionally, a glued bracket/band may come loose. This is not an emergency. If you are due for an adjustment within a few days of the bracket/band becoming loose, please wait until your scheduled appointment. Please call us during regular business hours so we know what is broken and can plan to put it back on if time allows. If your next appointment isn’t for a few weeks and a bracket/band becomes loose, please call us during regular business hours as we may need to schedule an earlier appointment to replace the bracket/band.

Lost Elastic Ligature
Elastic ligatures hold the wire into the brackets. If one is lost, do not worry! It is not an emergency and can be easily replaced at the next visit.

Broken or Loose Bite Corrector
These devices are important and sometimes more difficult to correct on your own. If you are not in any pain and the appliance is not causing any frustration, please call our office on the next business day. Otherwise, you may call the emergency number.

Broken or Lost Retainers
Please call our office during regular business hours for any broken or lost retainers.